Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1

Over and Under

Calibre Set – 28 gauge & 410 gauge
Combination set with 28" .410 and 28ga barrels and forends
cased with provision for 2 x barrel sets
both calibers have choke sets provided
The Silver Pigeon 1 is an iconic shotgun, the entry point to the Beretta over and under range with hundreds of thousands sold worldwide. The simple, low-maintenance action performs year in year out with crisp and predictable trigger pulls. The barrels are cold hammer forged from a specially formulated steel, and chrome lined for longevity. Purchasing a Silver Pigeon today is a safe place for your money, whether as a lifetime investment or as a way into the sport. The latest laser engraving techniques have resulted in an elegant, scroll design which is modern, bold and beautifully balanced. The action is further adorned with the classic Beretta trident, creating a truly handsome gun. Additionally, the 12G and 20G field models now incorporate Beretta’s highly reputed Steelium HP Optima choke and barrel profile which are Fleur de Lis stamped and suitable for use with superior steel cartridges. The 686 Silver Pigeon I is now available with a Vittoria stock, designed for lady shooters. These guns are fitted with a shortened, Montecarlo style stock and additionally have a reduced pistol grip beneficial for smaller hands.