Brocock Pathfinder XR

Pre-charged Pneumatic

Calibre .177
Kit with Odb silencer and backpack case £1249
Gun only £1149
The New Pathfinder XR
Ready for action
The BRK Pathfinder XR joins the super-light and compact Ranger XR which quickly became a firm favourite with hunters and pest controllers. Building on its success and reputation, the new Pathfinder XR features a lightweight 300cc carbon Kevlar bottle for increased shot count compared to the Ranger XR.

Export and FAC models also benefit from higher power output as well. The Pathfinder XR measures a carbine length 616mm with its folding stock deployed, and just 416mm with it retracted, resulting in a rifle that is incredibly fast onto the target and useful in tight situations. It weighs just 2.9kg (6.4lbs), and yet the 12 ft/lbs model can deliver over 200 shots. Export .25 calibre models produce energy up to 30 ft/lbs. Super compact and able to be easily transported in a backpack or optional purpose-built rifle slip.

The Pathfinder XR offers superb accuracy at hunting ranges out to 40 meters and beyond and its slick sidelever action enables fast reloading. The Pathfinder features an advanced Huma-Air regulator and newly introduced hammer design. This new system is our most consistent, yet which results in superb performance and accuracy