Daystate Genus

Pre-charged Pneumatic

Calibre .177
Dated 30/5/2019
in case with single shot tray
in good general condition but does have some marks to the pistol cap and forend tip
in case with original certificate book
Scoped with a Hawke sidewinder 6-24 x 56 and westhunter mounts

The commemorative Genus is more than just a fitting tribute to such a Daystate icon, however. It incorporates the very latest in airgun engineering, metallurgy technology and features the Huntsman has evolved during its journey from ‘Mk1’ to the present day HR Huntsman Regal. Besides the current, all-metal 10-shot rotary magazine and single-shot loading tray, these include the Harper Patent Slingshot hammer and valve system, now married to a Huma-Air regulated action that massively extends not only the rifle’s shot-count, but also its consistency throughout the entire air charge.

Unmistakably recognised by its sleek, sporter lines, the bolt-operated Huntsman also epitomises the ultimate in handling courtesy of an action that’s been set lower in the stock for better balance and ‘pointability’. The Genus maintains all these attributes, building on them with an extra level of detail that rightfully reflects – and respects – its significance to the company’s rich airgun heritage.

The Genus is presented in laminate woodwork with contrasting caps to its pistol grip and characteristic Schnabel-tipped forend, while its metalwork is finished with bronze and gold to further emphasise its important status in the Daystate family. Other embellishments include commemorative breech and pistol grip plaques, a Certificate of Authenticity to match each rifle’s individual number, a Limited Edition hard cover book and a special presentation hard case. It is also available in four calibres – .177, .20, .22 and .25 – and at power levels from sub-12 to 40ft/lbs.

Carrying all the hallmarks of the original Huntsman, the Genus is a milestone model that encompasses both Daystate’s airgun legacy and its future commitment to making the world’s finest airguns.