Reximex Mito

Pre-charged Pneumatic

Calibre .22
Product Details

The Reximex Mito is a regulated PCP pistol which is perfect for either close range pest control or target shooting. The Pistol comes well presented in a sturdy soft case and also had a removeable shoulder stock.The Mito is perfectly balanced and has an ambidextrous palm swell grip. The action features an 11mm dovetail rail so sights can be easily fitted.The Mito comes supplied with:

Removeable Shoulder Stock
2 x Multi-Shot Magazine
Single Shot Tray
Filler Probe
1/2" UNF Silencer Adapator
Open Sights
Open tab
Calibre: .22
Capacity: 7
Colour: Black
Length: 61cm
Power: 4.7
Tube Size: 50cc
Stock: Synthetic